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Why Rejection Isn’t Real

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.Jeremiah 29:11

No one likes to hear the word no. It just has a negative sound to it. Even worse is silence – you know, when a person just never responds to that resume’ you sent or that interview you took the time out of your day to get dressed for. These things can cause us to be discouraged and lose hope, but only if we allow them to. No one likes obstacles, hindrances, and setbacks in life.

Unfortunately, sometimes people take these as allow an attitude of rejection to set in and become a part of their identity. This is detrimental as it negatively affects emotions, which left unchecked, can have a negative impact on every area of your life.
Stepping out and following what God has called you to do involves a certain amount of risk-taking. When Peter climbed out of that boat to go to Jesus on the water, there was risk involved. When Esther approached the throne of the king uninvited, it could have turned out ugly. When God asks you to walk in your calling, you will have to “stick your neck out” at some point. By the way, there were giants in the Promised Land when the Israelites finally arrived. The call of God on your life will not be without opposition.
If I had a dollar for every time I have heard the word no, I’m pretty sure I could be on my way to an all-inclusive stay at a tropical paradise. The Holy Spirit lives in me. I put my “feelers” out there and listen to Him. He gives me ideas and I have learned to simply go for it. Whether it is getting my book into the hands of a well-known minister who doesn’t even know I exist, to sending my newest manuscript off to a literary agent or publisher, to asking for an endorsement, I have learned to follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit. Sometimes I miss it. Sometimes the person isn’t hearing or obedient. Lots of times the answer is no. Through it all I have learned these very valuable lessons:
1) It doesn’t really matter. It doesn’t change my destiny. I make plans, but my steps are ordered by the Lord and so are yours!
2) For every disappointing no, there is a better yes waiting down the road – it is my job (and yours) to believe, be patient and never lose hope! The word no doesn’t stump God or throw Him into a tizzy. One divine connection is all it takes. When God does the leading, you see amazing things!
3) Probably most importantly – no is not rejection unless we allow it to be an offense that takes root in our hearts, and the call of God on my life and yours is far too great to succumb to that temptation. People are depending on me and you saying yes to the call of God and not turning back, even if it means bumping into a closed door from time to time and hearing no along the way.
An overwhelming feeling of rejection is a toxic state of emotion. It is counter-productive and can be costly to your health and wholeness. While there are moments of discouragement along the journey of life, rejection isn’t real for the children of God unless we allow it to be. He didn’t leave us as orphans; He adopted us and accepted us as His very own. We are His; bought with a price. His purpose for our lives is greater than anything we have yet imagined. Trust Him even through times of resistance and discouragement. If He called you to do something, His plans haven’t changed. Encourage yourself in HIS truth! Next time you hear no, just smile and know a better yes is coming!

Blessings for health and wholeness to you – spirit, soul, & body!


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